Whitefield School Goes Green!

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24th Mar 2021

Last week, pupils took part in a range of exciting, environmentally-focused activities as part of our very own Green Week.

At Whitefield School, one of our curriculum priorities is to teach pupils to value and care for their environment. This is an important skill for adult life and gives pupils the opportunity to make a difference now. Last week, our pupils took their eco-learning one step further by immersing themselves in a variety of green activities.   

As part of the themed week, staff put together a set of green activity bags, and from these, each class teacher selected a handful for their pupils to enjoy. Equipped with their supplies, pupils learnt more about how they can have support the animals and plant life in the local area. This included learning how to sow herbs in plant pots, build bug hotels and sow cress seeds into different shapes using cookie cutters.

Alongside these hands-on activities, classes across the schools tuned into special Zoom workshops with live animals. Local falconry centre, Coda Falconry, delivered an exciting session where pupils got the chance to see an owl and hawk close up and watch in awe as they flew by. Likewise, in a memorable live animal education workshop with Wild Science, pupils learnt about a range of furry animals and reptiles and how to best take care of them.

Speaking during the week, one pupil said:

“I am enjoying Green Week because it is teaching us how important nature is and how we can take care of it.”

Another pupil added:

“I love Green Week! It is important to learn about what is good for our environment.”

Green Week has kickstarted our involvement in the global Eco-Schools programme. As part of this, we will set up our very own pupil Eco-Team which, over the coming months, will be evaluating our schools’ current environmental impact. They will then lead a project to find ways to make our schools even more sustainable with the goal of becoming a fully-fledged Eco-School.

Laura Pease, Principal at Whitefield Schools, said:

“Our mission statement is ‘enjoyment, achievement and wellbeing for all’. Eco-activities bring learning to life, allowing our pupils to make a difference to their environment, to work together and to learn new skills and knowledge. Every pupil in the school, supported by our fantastic staff, can take part. We are grateful to the staff team who planned this week and look forward to transforming our environment and moving our focus into the local community as we work towards becoming an Eco-School.”