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Curriculum Overview

Through a personalised curriculum, one-to-one support and targeted interventions, we ensure every pupil makes progress at their own speed.

Our teachers take the time to get to know each pupil so they can create a curriculum that is right for them and will enable them to achieve their full potential.

The curriculum is designed to help our pupils become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning and make outstanding progress;
  • Effective communicators who can express themselves, make choices and build positive relationships with other people;
  • Confident individuals who take a full part in activities within school and the community;
  • Responsible citizens who behave well and make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world;
  • Lifelong learners who leave school equipped for the adult world whether in paid employment, education or supported living.


Latest Tweets

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Whitefield Academy Trust
- 12th Aug 2021
Congratulations to Niels Chapman Secondary School students who took Entry Levels this year - 33 Entry Levels between KS3 and KS4! Well done for all of your hard work in a very challenging year!
@WhitefieldSchls - 4th Jun 2021
Congratulations once again to our Head of PE, , for being crowned 2020 for the London Borough of Waltham Forest!🏆 Click here to learn more about why Maria received this award: https://t.co/MjAfQ4023f
@WhitefieldSchls - 12th May 2021
⭐️"Maria is a shining example of the extra mile teachers are willing to go to" 🏃‍♀️We are delighted to announce that our PE Co-ordinator, Maria Papazoglou, has been named Waltham Forest's for her inspiring work in keeping our pupils active https://t.co/uSt0Bk9eso
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Whitefield Academy Trust
- 28th Apr 2021
🔊DAILY MILE 🏃Our pupils are really excited to take part in this Friday's They will be joining children across the country for the special event which encourages our young people to go outside and get moving! https://t.co/RL5S96hExC
@WhitefieldSchls - 23rd Apr 2021
It’s and at Whitefield schools today we remember to appreciate nature and learn ways to protect our environment. Happy Earth Day!! Global Learning Council Schools + Projects https://t.co/WtPEtgugGj
@WhitefieldSchls Retweeted
- 20th Apr 2021
A blog post on the positives of lockdown by one of our advisory teachers, Jo Bean... https://t.co/LrHQMl7FO5
@WhitefieldSchls - 26th Mar 2021
📣The 5th Virtual SEND Conference will be taking place on Friday 21st May 2021. The conference will include 12 experts in SEND with a focus on Quality First Teaching. For just £60 per school you will have unlimited access to all sessions.
@WhitefieldSchls - 19th Mar 2021
📣RED NOSE DAY🔴 Today pupils have been enjoying learning all about the inspiring work does to support families across the world They also joined together via Zoom for a disco in their favourite red and fancy dress outfits! https://t.co/D5Ymz91qWs
@WhitefieldSchls - 19th Mar 2021
🌎During our Green Week students were informed about the ECO school Award. Our participation establishes stronger bonds with our International partners from Nepal & Europe> https://t.co/m2EFRXr70L
@WhitefieldSchls - 17th Mar 2021
🔴We're really looking forward to celebrating this Friday and doing our part to help raise money for We have a range of fun and educational activities planned for our pupils, as well as a special Zoom disco! https://t.co/dhezds7n9L
@WhitefieldSchls - 17th Mar 2021
🧠Yesterday our VP gave an insightful talk on the effects of anxiety on memory, thinking process & emotional regulation 📚The talk was inspired by & Thanks to all who joined for your energy & engagement! https://t.co/9MY9cmq91o
@WhitefieldSchls - 16th Mar 2021
Across our schools, the wellbeing of pupils & staff is at the heart of everything we do Today at 4pm our VP is hosting a special webinar on staff wellbeing & how to cope with anxiety Click here to join: https://t.co/KvFbTgKfKe https://t.co/RwlkoHE0B9
@WhitefieldSchls - 16th Mar 2021
🌎It is fantastic to see our pupils engaging so wholeheartedly with our activities One of their favourite activities so far has been learning how to craft with recycled materials!♻️ https://t.co/vWEBiB94U8
@WhitefieldSchls - 12th Mar 2021
📣GREEN WEEK🌍 On Monday, we will be kickstarting our week of exciting green events.... Equipped with their own green activity bags, pupils will be taking part in themed art lessons, seed sowing and a Zoom session with owls! Stay tuned here for more updates. https://t.co/JAQniSWBVy
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Whitefield Academy Trust
- 9th Mar 2021
Our weekly theme across the schools is "Active & Ecological" We are learning about: •Sports •Outdoor activities •Indoor activities •Protecting the environment •Recycling https://t.co/jofsH6losT
@WhitefieldSchls - 4th Mar 2021
We are really excited to be celebrating World Book Day. Thank you to all staff and students for participating on this fun day! https://t.co/q6IknoJOOH
@WhitefieldSchls - 24th Feb 2021
we are looking forward to seeing all our pupils return to our schools. Please see our website https://t.co/HPCp3Ru3yc for updates
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Whitefield Academy Trust
- 10th Dec 2020
Our Weekly theme across the schools is ‘Christmas’. We are thinking about • Celebrating together • Sharing the Christmas story • Christmas around the world https://t.co/vurfm1aXrF
@WhitefieldSchls - 4th Dec 2020
Big well done to all the teachers and pupils for their continuous hard work. https://t.co/s7o89t3M7E
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Whitefield Academy Trust
- 1st Dec 2020
Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 11th December at Whitefield Academy. Prize for best outfit in each bubble! Donations all go to Save the Children. https://t.co/olEJm5UhpK