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Curriculum Overview

Whitefield’s mission statement is: “Enjoyment, Achievement and Wellbeing for all” and we recognise the importance of preparing our children and young people for their adult lives and the next stage in their education; however, it is equally important to equip our children and young people to make the most of their lives now. We have therefore, planned our curriculum to support children and young people to experience enjoyment, achievement and wellbeing every day and to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to make the most of their future lives.

Through a personalised curriculum, one-to-one support and targeted interventions, we ensure every pupil makes progress at their own speed.

Our teachers take the time to get to know each pupil so they can create a curriculum that is right for them and will enable them to achieve their full potential.

The curriculum is designed to help our pupils become:

  • Successful learners who enjoy learning and make outstanding progress;
  • Effective communicators who can express themselves, make choices and build positive relationships with other people;
  • Confident individuals who take a full part in activities within school and the community;
  • Responsible citizens who behave well and make a positive contribution to the school and the wider world;
  • Lifelong learners who leave school equipped for the adult world whether in paid employment, education or supported living.


Latest Tweets

@WhitefieldSchl - 13th May 2022
Kaycee-Ann enjoying and exploring our ‘Under the Sea’ role play for the start of our summer topic https://t.co/YkZOByEY1h
@WhitefieldSchl - 5th May 2022
All dressed in green! We’re proud to be participating in Green Day as part of https://t.co/lGL9u8vIY6
@WhitefieldSchl - 3rd May 2022
Last week some of our secondary pupils enjoyed a fantastic work experience day in Chingford. They learnt about all aspects of working in a restaurant. Thank you to the wonderful staff for their support and guidance. https://t.co/zKE2QdVAJU
@WhitefieldSchl - 3rd May 2022
S9 visit to Lloyd's Park on Friday 29th April 2022 was a great way to end the school week. The class thoroughly loved the walk, which included sand play and ice cream. https://t.co/vvuwLOIaFC
@WhitefieldSchl - 22nd Mar 2022
It wouldn’t be without our super cake sale! Thank you to all our families for helping our pupils make delicious cakes and treats. We’ve all had a brilliant day raising lots of money for ! https://t.co/pdp1dpqCI2
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
Friday 18th March We were excited to do something funny for money to support . Our pupils had a great time dressed in red and white, and funny outfits. https://t.co/vMXCCjkP3j
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
On Thursday 17th March our pupils made decorations in green to celebrate 🍀🍀 https://t.co/ZwNk0sL4xU
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
On Thursday 17th March our pupils came dressed in green today to celebrate 🍀🍀 https://t.co/Wmz8X9Iv7D
@WhitefieldSchl - 17th Mar 2022
S8 class are celebrating British Science Week by experimenting! On Wednesday, we carried out the "Magic milk" experiment. Today we conducted the "Glitter storm" experiment using green and gold glitter for a St Patrick's day theme! We loved seeing the results of our experiments. https://t.co/FmzN2MbGkj
@WhitefieldSchl - 15th Mar 2022
KS4+5 students in MBS are learning about the world of work. On this behind-the-scenes tour of Highams Park they learnt about all the jobs that help a supermarket run, from the loading bay to what goes on in the giant fridges and freezers and how the shelves are stacked. https://t.co/M83Loz18bE
@WhitefieldSchl - 15th Mar 2022
Four students said they would like to work in Tesco in the future! Thank you, Cathy and management at Highams Park for welcoming our students so warmly, and for our goody bags! https://t.co/sqQL9TJ9W4
@WhitefieldSchl - 10th Mar 2022
On Friday 18th March it’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day and we are planning to do something funny for money! To raise funds we have planned dressing up and a cake sale. An email has been sent to parents and carers and a letter will follow. Thank you for your support as always.
@WhitefieldSchl - 9th Mar 2022
Pupils from took part in boccia competition on Thursday 24th February. They put in an excellent performance taking 3rd place in our group and 6th overall. Most importantly it was an enjoyable day! Congratulations to students and thanks to staff. https://t.co/VP5ok2uATh
@WhitefieldSchl - 7th Mar 2022
Our pupils have loved celebrating . We have enjoyed reading some of our most-loved stories today and dressing up as our favourite characters. https://t.co/EqpFbIKLkI
@WhitefieldSchl - 3rd Mar 2022
It has been a pleasure to welcome our favourite story book characters on . Thank you parents and carers for helping our pupils look fabulous in their costumes. https://t.co/d9qn6QzDC3
@WhitefieldSchl - 1st Mar 2022
Daniel and Ethan in early years both exploring and developing their understanding of numbers using our new Numicon resources. https://t.co/i7vn2AtEaC
@WhitefieldSchl - 28th Feb 2022
Pupils from took part in boccia competition on Thursday 24th February. They put in an excellent performance taking 3rd place in our group and 6th overall. Most importantly it was an enjoyable day! Congratulations to students and thanks to staff. https://t.co/9pVPbMN2bp
@WhitefieldSchl - 9th Feb 2022
Class S8 and the 6th Form will be visiting classes around the school and selling cake balls on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th February 2022. All proceeds will be donated to the Healthcare Workers' Foundation , a charity founded by NHS workers, for NHS workers. https://t.co/uXsonghtie
@WhitefieldSchl - 7th Feb 2022
Our parents and carers were spoilt for choice at our KAHAND sales event. Our pupils were fantastic salespeople and are looking forward to developing the business and launching new products. https://t.co/erPqMxvAZE
@WhitefieldSchl - 2nd Feb 2022
We are looking forward to welcoming parents and carers on Friday to purchase their KAHAND products. Our enterprising pupils run all aspects of the business from product development and production to marketing and sales. https://t.co/3fRARfvam0