Staff testimonial

“I really enjoy working at Whitefield School. Whilst it is hard work and can sometimes be challenging, it is also a place of hope and joy where students are supported to be the best they can be. My favourite part of the job is working with such wonderful students and seeing them progress both in their learning and personal development. I am proud of my achievements too; working here has allowed me to develop my skills and has made me much more confident.”

Warda Naji (Teaching Assistant)


“Whitefield School feels like a second home. I have very friendly colleagues who motivate me and obviously our fantastic young people give me a lot of energy too. Everyone who works at the school, from management and teaching staff to the site services team and cleaners, is lovely and it’s always nice to bump into colleagues from different teams. Being able to have a laugh with both my colleagues and students is so special; we work hard but play and have fun too. I have also received lots of training which has helped me to improve how I teach, enabling me to do the very best I can for the young people I work with.”

Sharif Noor (Teaching Assistant)


“Having only joined in January 2022, I am a relative newcomer to Whitefield School, but I already feel so welcomed and valued by everyone here. It really is such a caring school – the staff at Margaret Brearley, where I am based, show sincere kindness, generosity and compassion whilst working in demanding roles.  They place students at the centre of what they do and truly listen to students - whether this is through words, signs or other forms of communication to provide the best possible educational experiences.

“My role as part of the Evergreen team at Margaret Brearley School is unique and a real privilege.  We support students in their homes, working alongside their families and community specialists. Through this, we get to know families well and form lasting partnerships so that we can respond best to the students’ needs. This is not a typical role offered by SEND schools – the fact that Whitefield Academy Trust offers this service demonstrates what a compassionate trust it is, going above and beyond for students by really putting its mission and values into practice. What makes Whitefield School such a brilliant school is that it places proper emphasis on supporting children with complex needs, including those nearing the end of life, and does so with great care and empathy.”

Christina Long – Evergreen


“I have learnt so much from the experience and wisdom of colleagues, working collaboratively and through targeted staff training courses reflecting the best practice in the profession. From working with the unique personalities of the pupils, I have gained insight into their struggle and their joy and learned how I can best support them to achieve the best they can, offering them a bright and useful future.

“Whitefield School is a cohesive and caring community made up of a variety of individuals who all make an important contribution to school life – from the classroom staff to the midday supervisors, caterers, therapists, IT support staff and administrators.  Everyone plays their part to ensure we are giving our young people the very best care and educational experience we can. “

Tessa Maynard (Teaching Assistant, Rowan Sixth Form)


“I can honestly say that I absolutely love my job. It’s amazing to see the children make progress and to feel like I’ve made a real difference to their lives.  There’s no better feeling in the world than watching a child meet their target or achieve something that they found really difficult and knowing that you helped them to do that. I feel so lucky to have such a fulfilling job.  Every evening I get to walk home with a big smile on my face as I think about each pupil and their achievements that day.

“Having started as an LSA, my greatest achievement at Whitefield School has to be getting my teaching status which I achieved through completing the school’s training course. I really enjoy teaching my class and working with such a wide variety of people.  It’s so lovely to work in a team full of people who are as passionate about supporting our pupils as I am.”

Gemma Player (Class Teacher)


“I love working here. Whitefield School offers such a friendly and dynamic working environment, with so many opportunities for career progression. Both my colleagues and students are lovely and I’m learning a lot. It feels fantastic to work as part of a team to create a positive learning environment for the students, and of course to see them make progress.”

Farhana Akther (Teaching Assistant)