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Our Community

We know that our pupils achieve best when they feel safe, secure and supported and when they can follow structured routines in a familiar environment.  As such, our schools are calm, nurturing and welcoming places which have structures in place and put the wellbeing of pupils at the heart of everything they do.

From their very first day at Whitefield School, pupils are made to feel welcome, valued and admired.  Our school community champions every pupil’s individuality, personality, background, strengths, interests and ambition.  We will always do whatever we can to support our pupils to meet their goals so that they get the very most out of their time at Whitefield School and are best prepared for their life afterwards.

We reinforce positive behaviours which means our pupils are always read to learn, they are kind to each other and they respect their teachers.  This leads to disruption-free and focused lessons allowing pupils to fully immerse themselves in the learning opportunities available.