Welcome from the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to Whitefield School.

We are a warm, welcoming and inclusive school which places our pupils at the centre of everything we do.  We strive to accurately meet the needs of each of our pupils so that they all make the progress that is right for them.  Through our flexible curriculum pathways and our creative enrichment programmes, we want every pupil to benefit from an engaging and enjoyable school experience which fully prepares them for the next stage of their education and lives.

Whilst delivering a high-quality education is important, we know that our pupils make most progress when they feel safe, secure and supported.  This is why we are committed to upholding the very highest standards of safeguarding and welfare.  This is the golden thread running through our school and our teams of experienced teachers and specialists will always do whatever they can to support pupils.

If you are considering sending your child to our school, please do get in touch to find out how we could meet their needs.  We are always pleased to welcome prospective parents to our school and discuss how we can best support their child.

I look forward to welcoming you to Whitefield School.


Rachel Rai


Latest Tweets

@WhitefieldSchl - 22nd Jun 2022
S9 have been enjoying learning about the Empire Windrush in History and also using works of Hurvin Anderson during Art lesson
@WhitefieldSchl - 16th Jun 2022
Y105 have been busy learning about healthy eating. In cookery, they made fruit rainbow platters and practised their cutting and chopping skills.
@WhitefieldSchl - 13th Jun 2022
Jubilee celebrations took place all across Margaret Brearley on Friday, starting with a Tea Party. All pupils and staff got involved in the festivities by dressing up and making crowns and bunting to decorative our school. Great fun was had by all!
@WhitefieldSchl - 13th Jun 2022
S15 having fun whilst at Valentines Park for walk and lunch at the Valentines cafe.
@WhitefieldSchl - 9th Jun 2022
S8 class have been preparing for our big Platinum Jubilee celebrations by making Union Jack flags. We can't wait for the party this Friday! 🥳🇬🇧
@WhitefieldSchl - 8th Jun 2022
Lots of very happy customers at our KAHAND stall Mile Long Street Party. We had a fantastic time celebrating . Well done to all our students for creating superb products and for their excellent customer service!
@WhitefieldSchl - 1st Jun 2022
Our enterprising students are busy preparing to sell their fantastic soap products ’s Mile Long Street Party on Sunday 5th June. They look forward to welcoming customers to their KAHAND stall in Walthamstow Shopping Centre.
@WhitefieldSchl - 27th May 2022
We’re proud to be celebrating ‘Thank a Teacher Day’ and want to say a big thank you to all our staff at Whitefield School
@WhitefieldSchl - 13th May 2022
Kaycee-Ann enjoying and exploring our ‘Under the Sea’ role play for the start of our summer topic
@WhitefieldSchl - 5th May 2022
All dressed in green! We’re proud to be participating in Green Day as part of
@WhitefieldSchl - 3rd May 2022
Last week some of our secondary pupils enjoyed a fantastic work experience day in Chingford. They learnt about all aspects of working in a restaurant. Thank you to the wonderful staff for their support and guidance.
@WhitefieldSchl - 3rd May 2022
S9 visit to Lloyd's Park on Friday 29th April 2022 was a great way to end the school week. The class thoroughly loved the walk, which included sand play and ice cream.
@WhitefieldSchl - 22nd Mar 2022
It wouldn’t be without our super cake sale! Thank you to all our families for helping our pupils make delicious cakes and treats. We’ve all had a brilliant day raising lots of money for !
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
Friday 18th March We were excited to do something funny for money to support . Our pupils had a great time dressed in red and white, and funny outfits.
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
On Thursday 17th March our pupils made decorations in green to celebrate 🍀🍀
@WhitefieldSchl - 21st Mar 2022
On Thursday 17th March our pupils came dressed in green today to celebrate 🍀🍀
@WhitefieldSchl - 17th Mar 2022
S8 class are celebrating British Science Week by experimenting! On Wednesday, we carried out the "Magic milk" experiment. Today we conducted the "Glitter storm" experiment using green and gold glitter for a St Patrick's day theme! We loved seeing the results of our experiments.
@WhitefieldSchl - 15th Mar 2022
KS4+5 students in MBS are learning about the world of work. On this behind-the-scenes tour of Highams Park they learnt about all the jobs that help a supermarket run, from the loading bay to what goes on in the giant fridges and freezers and how the shelves are stacked.
@WhitefieldSchl - 15th Mar 2022
Four students said they would like to work in Tesco in the future! Thank you, Cathy and management at Highams Park for welcoming our students so warmly, and for our goody bags!
@WhitefieldSchl - 10th Mar 2022
On Friday 18th March it’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day and we are planning to do something funny for money! To raise funds we have planned dressing up and a cake sale. An email has been sent to parents and carers and a letter will follow. Thank you for your support as always.